Compliance Officer

Ahmedabad 4-8 years 10-12 Lacs

Job Details

  • Ensuring end to end compliance with provisions of Companies Act. Person should be well aware of latest developments happening in company law (CSR, Listing agreement, Whistle Blower Policy etc.) and should be able to ensure 100% compliance with Companies Act. (CS qualification is mandatory)
  • Corporate Governance - Person would be advising on good governance practices and ensuring compliance under various Corporate, Securities and other Business Laws. Person would be conscience keeper of the organisation and therefore we expect high level of trust and work ethics.
  • Recording minutes of board meetings and preparing and circulating agenda for meetings. Person should have fluent thought process and excellent drafting skills.
  • Liaison with Registrar of Companies/Govt. authorities and ensuring all secretarial filings are done in time without any exception.
  • Coordinating with external lawyers, auditors and consultants in ensuring that all statements/documents/forms are prepared before time and reviewed before filing.
  • Maintaining all books and records as applicable under law and regularly updating them.
  • Coordinating with all stakeholders/auditors to ensure internal audits are completed advance in time.
  • Role would also involvingensuring compliances under SEBI Act, Merchant Banking Regulations, Exchange Regulations, applicable RBI regulations, SCRA and rules and regulations made there under
  • Person would also be managing securities, shares, ESOPs for the company and will act as advisor in issue of shares and other securities.
  • Periodically assisting the business teams for matters related to compliance, secretarial matters of the Company and regulations.

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