Chief Manager / AGM - SCM

Mumbai 6-12 years 14-17 Lacs

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Job Description : 

  1. To create robust system to develop vendors to deliver right quality, right price & capacity analysis to ensure deliveries on time.
  2. The annual cost optimization goal frame the strategy for achieving the same and guide/enable team members to implement.
  3. To supervise the zero-based costing of products and periodic audit of the BOM w.r.t the consumption and the latest RM pricing norms.
  4. To collaborate with SCM-CP team to leverage their expertise and share own knowledge on cost management.
  5. To create  centralized procurement, Sub-vendor & RM management, tooling and SOP formation.
  6. To closely work with Design & Development team to bring out new products, carry out benchmarking activities and ensure competitiveness of BEL products.
  7. To work out special commercials for prestigious projects and tenders and participate in contract reviews.
  8. To play a key role in developing and implementing purchase policies for supply chain management.
  9. To play a key role in vendor rationalization and SKU rationalization processes in conjunction with other functions.
  10. To work with R&D wing (ABSQ) and ensure deployment of their projects as per TOC guidelines.
  11. To drive Value Engg. / Value Analysis (VAVE) projects along with other functions.
  12. To effectively drive change management projects.
  13. To take initiatives to continuously improve processes in innovative and tech-oriented ways.
  14. To initiate and drive digitalization projects in SCM.
  15. To play active role in strategic, tactical and operational supply chain management leading to optimization of the inventory levels at RM and FG stages.
  16. To support supply management team to improve OTIF by conducting S&OP meeting and Issue Log meetings.

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