UI/UX Designer

Mumbai 3-7 years 5-8 Lacs

Job Details

  1. UI Designer Responsibilities:
    • Responsible for the product interface design, creative work, and production work. Grasp the overall style to design
    • Design and layout the web page by top prototyping tools
    • Interaction design mainly includes the operation flow, tree structure, and operation specification of software
    • Test the interface and the feasibility of the product by users
    • According to the user feedback to optimize the design so that the product meets the needs of users
  2. UX Designer Responsibilities:
    • Make an analysis of competitive products from the business objectives, user needs, and brand direction.
    • Clear the thoughts of product and draw a use flow chart. Make low-fidelity prototypes and modify them. Make out the final plan of prototyping design
    • Determine the final interactive plan on the base of user testing. Make low-fidelity prototypes
    • Determine the interface style and layout, and design the key interface text
    • Test the feasibility of the product and find out the problem

According to the problems existing in the test, optimize the design and improve the usability of the product

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