Lead - Operation & Project ( Solapur )

Solapur 10-20 years 22-30 Lacs

Job Details

<p><strong>1.</strong>Construction of underground Gas Distribution network including Sub Transmission Pipeline with Steel, MDPE. GI pipes.</p> <p>a)Planning and execution for Site Survey, Route Planning, Pipe sizing and Network Design with suitable software.</p> <p>b)GI installation for Domestic and Commercial customers.</p> <p>c)Installation and commissioning of DRS, MRS and valves.</p> <p><strong>2</strong>.CNG Stations</p> <p>a)Operations and Maintenance of online CNG stations (mother and daughter stations)</p> <p>b)Fleet management of LCV cascades</p> <p>c)Operations &amp; Maintenance of Compressors</p> <p><strong>3.</strong>Operations &amp; Maintenance</p> <p>a) Preventive Maintenance of network assets as per Annual O&amp;M Plan (AOMP) to ensure high uptime and reduction in unplanned breakdowns.</p> <p>b) Emergency Handling by 24x7 maintenance of pipeline assets including major assets like MDPE/ Steel network, City Gas Stations, DRS /PRS, MRS, Odorant systems spread across geographic area of a district</p> <p>c) Preparing maintenance schedules and Task lists for newly commissioned assets</p> <p>d) Alteration and Modification of existing pipelines</p> <p>e) Patrolling and Survey of commissioned pipelines</p> <p>f) Gas Reconciliation and vigilance</p> <p><strong>4</strong>.HSE, Planning and Quality</p> <p>a)Quality Assurance, HSE Management, Risk assessment and mitigation</p> <p>b)Safety, Technical and Competency Trainings and motivation to site teams</p> <p>c)Contractors Management and performance evaluation</p> <p>d)Annual Material Planning / procurement and Reconciliation</p> <p><strong>5.</strong>Management Information System</p> <p>a)Preparation of Project related documents, MIS, preparation of procedures</p> <p><strong>6</strong>.Liaison</p> <p>a)Coordination with local authorities like Municipal Corporation, PWD for permissions &amp; clearances, Dealing with Suppliers and Contractors</p>

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